Full Service Oil Change

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. Changing your oil is the single most important maintenance item that you can perform to help your vehicle last as long as possible.

Your engine has hundreds of moving parts working together to make your vehicle move. All of these parts ride on a thin layer of motor oil. Over time and normal driving the oil begins to break down and becomes less and less able to lubricate and protect your motor.

To make sure your engine is protected at all times, your vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the oil and oil filter regularly. This will keep your engine working its best and may avoid costly repairs down the road.

Kwik Kar's 18 Point Oil Change Service includes:

  • Oil change with up to 5 quarts of Pennzoil
  • Replace oil filter with premium Pennzoil filter
  • Lubricate chassis (when applicable)
  • Wash outside windows
  • Vacuum interior
  • Check air filter
  • Check and fill power steering fluid
  • Check and fill anti-freeze/radiator fluid
  • Check and fill transmission fluid
  • Check and fill transfer case (when applicable)
  • Check and fill windshield washer fluid
  • Check and fill differential (when applicable
  • Visual battery check
  • Check all belts
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Check Manufacture's Maintenance Schedule againstyour mileage and make recommendations

One Free fluid top-off of all fluids between oil changes